I did not write a book called 'Simple Food For Good Life' to satisfy the fastidious tastes of people.  Without the need to cook according to the advice of a professional or to have a gorgeous dining table, our dining table can be worthy of a new life.

  I wrote this book for those who want to enjoy simple life, not just to prepare extravagant dishes, but from a small family garden.  I just wanted to meet beyond time and space with such artless and simple minded readers.

 Why do you have to do a lot of hard work, time and fuss about feeding your body?? If you prepare your meal simple and easy, will not it be that much harder?

 I think it is my intention to find out the natural and proper diet and practice it steadily, and this idea is still the same as before. If there are people who remember and share my thoughts 100 years later, they are my friends.

 She loved art and nature and practiced vegetarianism. She met Scottish Nearing, a progressive anti-war peace activist and economist, in the 1930s when the Great Depression peaked. Helen Node, a charming young woman who was over twenty years old at that time, made a decision of the life with her husband, Scott, who was twenty years older than her, independent of the capitalist economy and living in harmony with society without losing herself in nature.

Through the message of 'vegetarianism' we can tell that a simple life that is not processed by many people can be a worthwhile life even after the end of life in 1995. Through the message of 'vegetarianism', she tells the story that simple life by which is not processed can be a valuable life for many people, even after the end of life in 1995.


One day I have seen the food ingredient of blueberry waffles sold in stores. The ingredient label showed that the waffles were made of "refined sugar, salt, chemical additives, artificial seasoning, processed blueberries, etc."

 It becomes increasingly frightening to encounter food containing various chemical additives. Why should we inevitably choose and consume foods

that contain chemicals? Even if many people live

without seriously thinking about food, we do not necessarily have to live like them. 

Helen's Cookie was launched after designer, product developers, producers and marketers who reminded of her message considering the life and environment have gone through numerous discussions.

They aimed at a vegetarian cookie with no milk, butter, or eggs at all. They searched for healthy fruits and vegetables and found a temperature

of 160 ﹉ and 15 minutes.

If you enjoy it with organic coffee or herbal teas such as chamomile, you can feel the crisp feeling

of nature as it is.

She had no desire to be a vegetarian from the beginning. She wanted to find a healthy life from the pureness of nature during giving birth to two children and nurturing them. She is now on the way to becoming a food therapist to be a vegetarian who awakens and practices the fundamental taste of life in Helen Nearing's 'Simple Food For Good Life' which she read by chance.  She stresses that if we want to create a society that is not a consuming life, but a helpful life, and a society that Helen Nearing has been troubled and conscious of 100 years ago, we should pay attention to the selection of foods.  She does not want to encourage us to practice vegetarianism unconditionally.  She just says that she wants to cherish, love and live with all the living beings who live their simple life.  Last summer, she opened Helen's cooking studio to communicate with people who sympathize with the idea of Helen Nearing and to develop a vegetarian recipe. It will show a variety of snacks including an energy bar, starting with cookies.